The Definitive Cryptocurrency Tax & Accounting Guide for Investors

Patrick Camuso, CPA
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This guide will teach you all the relevant information and steps to accurately account for your cryptocurrency transactions and report them on your taxes. 

Additionally, this guide will teach you the tax planning strategies I have used to save cryptocurrency investors thousands and cumulatively millions in taxes.

This guide will provide the information you need to manage your own cryptocurrency accounting and tax reporting or help you review the work of your current CPA, accountant or tax preparer.

Whether you are just getting started with cryptocurrency investing, are using decentralized exchanges, algorithmic trading, mining, staking or anything in between this guide will have you covered.

This course currently has over 4 hours of valuable, direct to the point content. This course will continue to be updated as new cryptocurrency tax and accounting developments occur.

Topics Include:

➤ Introduction to Cryptocurrency Taxation

➤ Cryptocurrency Accounting Method Selection

➤ How to create an accounting system for your cryptocurrency portfolio

➤ Due diligence and troubleshooting cryptocurrency accounting

➤ Taxation of Different Types of Cryptocurrency Transactions (including mining, NFTs, Decentralized exchanges, and more)

➤ Taxation Status and Developments for Cryptocurrency

➤ Tax Filing Requirements for Cryptocurrency

➤ Tax Planning Strategies for Cryptocurrency

While many new CPA’s and tax preparers are scrambling to learn about cryptocurrency taxes and accounting, I have navigated the cryptocurrency tax landscape as it has developed since the beginning.

My firm, Camuso CPA, was one of the first CPA firms working in the space since 2016. We were also the first CPA firm to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment during 2017.

At Camuso CPA, I have helped cryptocurrency clients save thousands and cumulatively millions in taxes with accurate accounting, advanced tax strategies and proactive planning.

The information in this course if worth 25x-50x the current price based on our firm's fee structure and the value we deliver clients. 

This course will continue to get updated in real time as the cryptocurrency tax landscape evolves to keep you updated with the most current information.

This course will not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult with a CPA, attorney or tax preparer regarding your specific tax and legal needs.

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  • Definitive Cryptocurrency Tax & Accounting Guide for Investors

  • Definitive Cryptocurrency Tax & Accounting Guide for Investors
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The Definitive Cryptocurrency Tax & Accounting Guide for Investors

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